The Warforged near the table is tall and powerful, its body covered in thick adamantine plates. It barely moves, seeming to be more construct then living being. When it does move, each step is powerful and exaggerated – there are no subtle moves among this Warforged. He wears no clothing, not even a cloak, but is not without weapons. A massive adamantine spear-axe is hooked to his back, and the weapon is almost as tall as the Warforged. Hooked to his side are two shortswords, most likely secondary weapons sharpened to a precise point. While the warforged is generally stationary, the tiny constructs that buzz about his form are in constant motion. They’re about as large as a wasp, made of metal and magic. The swarm is generally quiet, either crawling along the ‘forged or buzzing around his chestplate.

Little is known about the Cyran Warforged, apart from his arrangement to travel with Dallan.

Status: ?



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