Character Creation

Characters start at level 3 Stats are = 18 17 16 15 14 13 before racial mods Races allowed – Anything not PHB or eberron standard must be run by me Classes Allowed – As long as I own the book, you can probably take it. Starting Gold = 3rd level standard

A Place to Lie Low – No city is more suited for ducking the law than Stormreach, where the Storm Lords spurn any attempts by the Five Nations to enforce the Code of Galifar within their domain. Built on piracy, the city rewards those with a taste for crime. Felons, war criminals, and even regicides can leave their pasts behind, for as a common saying goes, the city’s muck, blood, and tides wash all sins away. Or perhaps most crimes simply seem trifling compared to the villainy here. PCs who have troubled pasts, whose deeds bring agents of the law hard at their heels, might choose Stormreach as an escape. And those who are branded as outcasts elsewhere can walk in the open here, with no fear of persecution. If the PCs are framed for a crime, Stormreach is the perfect place for them to lie low and gather their wits and resources before returning home to prove their innocence.

PCs must be on the run for some reason, coming to the City of Stormreach to find sanctuary. This reason can be for war crimes, actual crimes, or any other reason. The more twisted and exciting, the better. I will be working closely with you to develop just what you are fleeing.

That being said, I don’t allow stupid evil characters. If you want to be of evil alignment, you must choose LE, and be prepared to play with the team. I prefer for PCs to be the heroes. They can be self serving or anti-heroes, but they still have to be HEROES.

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Character Creation

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