Cross District

Population: Mostly immigrants from Breland and Cyre, as well as most of the city’s orcs and half-orcs.
Character: Crowded with an air of faded glory.
Businesses: Street stalls, cottage industries, and the House Tharashk Refinery.1,000 gp limit.
Key Personalities: Durgran’Torrn, Kurn d’Velderan, Miraan, and Rusila ir’Clarn.

Cross is all abustle.
The main streets lead to and from the city’s other districts, making it a busy place to pass through. Above the streets hang the clotheslines and rope bridges between the ruins amd the places where people have built precariously perched homes.
Conversation flies everywhere, accent and idiom most typically from Cyre and Breland, while street hawkers, selling food, try to sound cosmopolitan, despite the parochial nature of their wares.

With access to five other districts, Cross connects almost as much of the city as the Marketplace does. For most people in Stormreach, Cross is a place you travel through on your way somewhere else, but it is also home to Brelish expatriates and a great number of Cyran refugees. Much passes through Cross, so its street dealers and children hear about a good number of things, making Cross a good place to get information if you’re willing to part with a little coin to get what you need. The people here are often poor, but they are also proud of their heritage.

Dannel’s Pride
The Sloths
Beehive Pastries
Brelish Consulate
Havulak Prospecting
House Tharashk Refinery
The Rubble Warren

The City Itself

Cross District

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