Forgelight District

Population: Predominantly human, along with most of the city’s warforged.
Character: No-nonsense and businesslike.
Businesses: Mercenaries and smiths, 4000 gp limit (in most places).
Key Personalities: Greigur d’Deneith and Maru Sakhesh

Forgelight isn’t quiet, not at all. The hammering of the smithies, the clash of arms against shields and armor, the roar of the furnaces – these things make the place a tempest of metallic noise.
It isn’t quiet, but the people are hushed. The people here don’t waste words; they go about their business with a grim and admirable efficiency of language and motion that infects the whole district with seriousness.

Forgelight is the city’s most heavily rebuilt and reordered district, where evidence of the ancient city has to be sought out rather than being obvious. Each time the city has been resettled in past centuries, this district has been a starting point; it has clean water, stable ground, and newer structures. These days, Forgelight is dominated by House Deneith. The house’s numbers are modest, but its employees are numerous. Martial skill is much prized in Stormreach and Xen’drik, so the house’s Defenders and Blademarks do a booming business. Even a simple club-swinger can make a tempting wage working in the city or accompanying expeditions into the jungle. Forgelight’s mercenaries fill in for the Stormreach Guards and protect shipments and explorers. Its forges and shops buy, sell, and repair the equipment used by these mercenaries, as well as by the adventurers.
Anvilfire Inn
House Deneith Enclave
Dragon Tooth Arms
Fare Trades
The Foundry
Hammersmith’s Inn
Rusty Nail
Stormreach Forge
Temple of the Sovreign Host

The City Itself

Forgelight District

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