The Process

To-do list

  • Start up a business/contract work.
  • Discover more about her amulet.
  • Try to make things right with Orien.
  • Ease her conscience about killing a paladin.
  • Return to Khorvaire or come to a point where she doesn’t want to return to her old way of life.


  • She knows the names of two people who conduct rituals to open Khyber, one who seems to be a high-ranking official and the other a member of good-standing in one of the ‘good’ churches.
  • Her father, Raster Valhardt, was also excoriated from Orien, many years ago when they still removed dragonmarks. His was because he was selling shipping routes and time tables.


  • She has been a courier for a thunder guide, Marren
  • Come to an agreement with House Orien

Essential elements

  • Scars everywhere.
  • Other things.

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