Vasher “Harbor” Azrion d’Lyrandar

Character’s Current Goals

  • Revenge. Cold, hard, revenge.
  • Find a new life, a new living, a new start.

At First Glance…

Harbor moves with the gait of a warrior, his long scarf billowing out behind him in the wind. Deep blue eyes rage like a storm, and those who gaze to long have to battle the depths of their swirls. His clothing is simple and functional, a mixture of orange and light blue colors; long and flowing pants, thick sandals, and a protective cloak.

His personality is a tempest of emotion, but anger is the forebearer of the storm. His cool and cold deameanor is broken up by unconcealed flashes of rage, often causing the half-elf to make quick judgements and snap decisions. As often as they don’t, those choices cause more problems than solutions.


He’ll save children, but not the british children.

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