Stormreach is a melting pot of peoples and cultures. From native Drow and the remnants of the mighty giants to refugees from Sarlona and explorers from Khorvaire. You never know just who or what you’ll meet on its streets.

This page contains the information about the various characters the PCs have encountered. Each page contains notes on where the character was first met, what exploits they have been on with the PCs, and their current status. Dead character pages also have the events and cause of death on them

Contacts and Bosses
Three Fingered Thad
*Berrigan Enge

Unknown Association
*Seld the Gray Sister

*Nat Gann

Thieves and Scoundrels
*Head Rat Cartha
*Baudry Cartamon
*Lord Gerald Goodblade


Dragonmarked Houses
*Rain d’Orien
*Calynden d’Lyrandar
*Lazrea d’Lyrandar

The Storm Lords

Local Color
*Tattered Alice
*Yannick Drumdoom
*Gimcrack the Sly

Character Creation
Home Page


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