Population: Humans mixed with halfl ings and some other races.
Character: Unhurried and beautiful.
Businesses: Healing, funerary services, various shops. 6,000 gp limit.
Key Personalities: Alhaura d’Jorasco and Iriakan d’Jorasco.

As you pass beneath the great arch, covered in fl owering creepers, and enter Respite, you are surrounded by the sweet scent of blooming fl owers. Here the ruins, plant life, and new buildings seem harmonious, one fl owing into the next. Even the floating rubble -— fragments of long-forgotten majesties -— play their part, covered in blooming plants and small trees.

Because of its many majestic ruins and large amount of fl oating rubble, sages believe Respite was the wealthiest part of the ancient city. They know it was later the seat of power for giant chieftains and pirate lords. These past glories now exist only as monuments and graveyards: the tombs of pirate captains, the mausoleums of giants, the wreckage of old thrones. Today the district is devoted to healing and funerary rites.

For adventurers and explorers, Respite is a place where they can recover their strength and equip themselves, and the ancient tombs beckon, elaborately warded but rich with treasure. Sometimes subsidence destroys one tomb but reveals another, and old dangers emerge into the realm of the living.
Stormhaven Ward
Coldwake Pond
Delera’s Watch
Drowning Sorrows Tavern
Empty Handed
Feather’s Fall Apothecary
Garden of Respite
House Jorasco Enclave
House of Wizardry
Open Palm Inn

The City Itself


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