Temple District

Population: A mix of many races, with more humans and elves than any other.
Character: A confusion and profusion of sound, color, theater, and religion.
Businesses: Entertainment, accommodation, religious services. 6,000 gp limit.
Key Personalities: Jirian Zayne, Morian Shol d’Phiarlan, and Zarzalia Shol d’Phiarlan.

Your senses are assaulted on all sides by the overwhelming presence of this part of the city.
Sight: Bright colors, pennants, entertainers dressed like colorblind magpies, swooping arches, green leaves, and colorful lanterns.
Smell: The tang of spices on the wind, the hint of incense and oils from the temples.
Sound: Temple adepts calling passersby to worship, hawkers drawing attention to their sweetmeats and savories, bards plucking at their instruments, actors calling out the merits of their plays, and, booming over all of it, the performance in the Livewood Theater.

Standing at the fork of the Koronoo River, the Temple district is the heart of entertainment and worship in the city. Because of the abundant groundwater here, the district is subject to more subsidence than other parts of the city, its stone buildings cracked and its cobbled streets uneven. Aside from the city walls and the stone banks of the Livewood Theater, few ancient structures remain. New buildings are crafted out of wood, many of them out of livewood. The district’s architecture is marked by arches and domes, intermingled with trees festooned with paper lanterns.

When House Phiarlan arrived in the city, the giants’ amphitheater—now the Livewood Theater—was a major attraction to them, so they established their enclave here. Nearby are various entertainment venues, accommodations for visitors, and many shrines.

Bogwater Tavern
Golden Wing Inn
House Phiarlan Enclave
Keep of the Silver Flame
Livewood Theatre
Object Desire
Onyx Fountain
The Pink Conch
Temple Row
Vestrii’s Arms

The City Itself

Temple District

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