The Harbor

Population: Humans and half-elves, who are outnumbered by visitors of other races.
Character: Bustling and dangerous
Businesses: Shipping, crime, taverns, and fishing. 3,000 gp limit.
Key Personalities: Storm Lord Jonas Wylkes, Berrigan Enge, Harbormaster Zin, Lord Katanavash, Maeran Mendyrian, Thaera, and Three-Fingered Thad

It stinks here. All harbors stink, but this – this is something special.
All of stormreach’s great sewers, pipes, and drains lead, ultimately, to the harbor. The effluent doesn’t seem to worry the wildlife; there’s plenty of fish on sale for a hungry traveler. You’re just not sure you’d want to eat them.
Away from the chaos and business of the harbor, the city rises uphill and in from the shore. From down here it looks as if toy soldiers have come to life and settled in a ruined city, and above it all stands a great stone statue, staring out to sea, a beam of light shining up from its outstretched hands.

Like every other part of Stormreach, the Harbor district is built on the bones of the past. The city ever was and ever will be a port, and time and tides have pushed the harbor farther and farther back into the city, as neighborhoods have sunk or been washed away. The harbor is Stormreach’s lifeblood, for the city relies on trade and its status as a free port, where rules are lax and as long as you have enough coin. Without the harbor, Stormreach would be stranded and quickly die. Aside from taverns and a few shops, most of the district’s businesses concentrate on loading and unloading vessels and storing cargo.

For the visitor, the Harbor district is a cold plunge into Stormreach. The city’s corruption, competing powers, and ancient mysteries all have examples here. Some travelers disembark and then book passage back to Khorvaire as quickly as they can. Some never leave, thrilled at the city’s liveliness and danger, while some disappear – until fishers pull their bodies from the harbor.
Crypt of the Guard
Dagoward’s Apothocary
The Emperor
Hammer and Chain
Harbormaster’s House
Leaky Dinghy
Riedran Consulate
Shargon’s Talon
Thaendyr’s Rest
Wavecrest Tavern
Wayward Lobster

The City Itself

The Harbor

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