Stormreach is not easily defined. Visitors get different impressions, and only someone who resides here for a while sees its many faces.

CITY OF ADVENTURE: Perched at the edge of Xen’drik, Stormreach is a haven for adventurers, explorers, and scholars ready to plunge into the jungle to discover its secrets. With the wild continent at its gates, the city is the best launching point for an expedition into the interior.

CITY OF DIVERSITY: Stormreach is a haven for outcasts from around the world. Sarlonan refugees, Lhazaarites, Seren barbarians, warforged, halflings, shifters, drow, thri-keen, and expatriates of all Five Nations make their home here or pass through. You can find almost any kind of person, and many monsters, roaming Stormreach’s streets.

CITY OF DUNGEONS: Dozens of civilizations have come and gone in the mighty ruins where the pirates made their home. Below modern Stormreach, a ruined undercity extends deep into the earth, filled with ancient treasures and evils.

CITY OF FREEDOM: The Storm Lords do not bow to the Code of Galifar, and few substances and trades are illegal in their city. One can enjoy even the most decadent delights in Stormreach, even those forbidden in the world’s other great cities.

CITY OF OPPRESSION: Power in Stormreach is concentrated in the hands of a few. The destitute are desperate, and laborers have no rights. There’s no justice here, and the only opportunity is what you make yourself.

CITY OF OPPORTUNITY: Anyone can become anything in Stormreach. A war criminal can rise high, and a beggar can crown himself king of a merchant empire here. Treasures lie below the streets. The opportunity to engage in illicit business is everywhere. Artists scorned elsewhere gain notoriety in the city, and outcasts from the Five Nations might become magistrates of a district tribunal. The sky is the limit, and the city’s ruins reach up to it. Just be sure they don’t crumble beneath you as you climb.

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